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The Camp.

A Creative playground for Quantum Growth and Transformation.

The Camp. is an inspirational, immersive, educational and safe playground where humans of all neurodiversity can curate their own experiential journey through storytelling, creative expression, and healing practices.

How did you first discover the concept of The Camp.?

The Camp. as it’s known today, saved my life!.

It was the summer of 2018 and I had hit an all time low, financially, emotionally and energetically bankrupt with no self worth, no boundaries and a desire to be loved at any cost to myself. [Read more of The Story. Here]

On my knees, and riddled in shame, my first instinct for how to “get better” was to be of service to others. I typed into Google: kids, camp, July, August, volunteer. In a matter of seconds I came across a kids' camp in Haiti. In true Toni form, I threw myself fully into this direction without thinking much of it, shelling out a bunch of money and committing myself to three weeks of intensive volunteer work. 24 hours out from my departure, the camp was canceled due to civil unrest. I was left sitting on my floor with two suitcases full of colored pencils, coloring books, bug spray, sunscreen and a body full of typhoid drugs. I was completely lost, confused and absolutely running on empty.

A voice told me to get up, get three big pieces of paper and tape them to my lounge room wall. Then my hand, with some sort of guidance, drew up a calendar for the next three months - broken into morning, noon and night. The concept of a camp was something I had never experienced as a kid and even though I didn’t really know what I was doing I was intrigued by the voices' ideas and kept listening. Standing there, that first day, in front of the calendar, I set an intention to create an adult’s camp for myself.

Following spirit, the Universe and/or a feeling I can't truly describe (it was more of a knowing) I filled my days with all the creative things I had always wanted to do. All I could hear was… feed your mind, body and soul… and sleep. It’s time to be of service to yourself. That is how you are going to “get better”. I put my hair in braids, got my bike out of the basement and started my adventure.

Looking back, I was following breadcrumbs at every moment. Today I see it as a clear path of recovery, to heal and reconnect with myself through joy and creativity. To fill my own cup.

What was next for The Camp.?

What is the vision behind The Camp. concept?

What experiences does The Camp. offer now?

Why does working with other artists make The Camp. unique?

Where do you see The Camp. in the future?


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