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The Art of Channeling

Updated: Aug 23

You too can learn to trust your artistic voice…

Bespoke guidance & healing designed for those yearning to understand & speak their souls language in order to share their artistic gifts regardless of their medium. Toni Short channels her psychic deep listening and quantum healing gifts to reconnect your soul with your human self. Activating your innate abilities, setting your artistic voice free and shifting you into a more profound relationship with your creative practice.

What inspired the Art of Channeling

I'm gonna let you in on a secret right here, I basically have such a deep faith that anything anyone wants to do, you can do it, and that's how I'm living my life. But it still takes work. I have to get out of bed. I have to fucking, brush my teeth, or I don't have to some days but you know you got to show up.

How do you engage with people?

With The Art of Channeling, I am engaging people to trust themselves to the millionth level of something and to then start speaking as they're meant to, and not holding back anymore.

What are you trying to manifest for The Art of Channeling?

In my projections and manifestations I am working like Will Smith, like Madonna, and people like Maya Angela. Just really cool people that are artists of all levels and speakers and presidents, and all these people to help them like speak the truth, to make the world change and peace and stuff. But maybe it's also with more of a music and artist.

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