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The Art of Channeling

You too can learn to trust your artistic voice…

The Art of Channeling is bespoke guidance & healing; designed for those yearning to understand & speak their soul’s language in order to share their artistic gifts regardless of their medium. Toni Short channels her psychic deep listening and quantum healing gifts to reconnect your soul and activate your innate abilities, setting your artistic voice free and shifting you into a more profound relationship with your creative practice.

What inspired the Art of Channeling

In short, my own personal story. Throughout my life I was told to be still and quiet. Throughout my career I was creatively supporting and promoting others,. and so for many years I pushed down how I felt and what I had to say.

After being "cracked open" in 2018 from a personal breakdown [read more about my story here] a new path crystalized in front of, and inside of me. and I knew then, my voice was ready to be heard. I was moved to make steps to put myself more fully into the world as a working artist and this calling or drive inside of me was something I could no longer ignore. What also became apparent was that I was not alone in this experience,. Sand so supporting others to tune into and trust their inner voice, from an artistic perspective, became a natural next step.

You mention trusting one’s voice - tell us more about what that means for you?

When I began performing again (after some 35 years) I noticed how I needed to find a large chunk of courage (often from substances/approval from others) to be able to share my thoughts, feelings and artistic voice. In musical improv, when it came to my turn in the practice circle I would cry or freeze, petrified, looking to the teacher for input or validation. Had I said something good, was it right or was I funny? In dance class, I thought I needed to be “high” before I could feel something more to express myself to the music.

For me, this concept of “confidence” at a deeper level, was actually more about trust. Did I trust myself that no matter what I said, acted out or how I moved my body - it was enough? Was I enough? While a simple concept in a way, like any art, physical or self development practice, it took courage, time, commitment and discipline to build up my “trust” muscles. Moving me to a space of caring less about what others thought, relying less on outside sources of false bravado and nurturing a deeper relationship with my soul, its gifts, my physical vessel and in turn my offering to the world, hence TRS The Artist.

Do you need to be an artist to experience these shifts?

Personally, I feel we are all artists in some way and I believe we can heal the world through the arts. Whether you're using canvas to share your ideas, a blackboard, a boardroom, a menu or the form and function of architecture, we are all putting out messages and creatively sharing a part of ourselves with the world in the process.

Saying that, my clients typically have an artistic focus and mission to create art in order to make change in the world. They range from public speakers that witness their voice disappear. Painters that no longer see the landscapes in their mind in order to transfer them to the canvas. Creative executives who shrink in front of their teams, frozen, unable to generate ideas. Right through to musicians that are crippled by the pressures of their industry and experience an emptiness in their creative process.

What are you manifesting by offering The Art of Channeling services?

One one level, world peace. For real, as corny as that sounds. I believe that through the vessel of art, expression, truth and creativity we can garner greater consciousness on a global, societal and individual level which in turn will bring all humans into a deeper state of peace and joy - two of our fundamental rights as humans.

On another level, working with artists to shift the paradigms that have been around for years that simply don’t stand true anymore. For example, the starving artist phenomenon or those that believe they must die or suffer in the name of art.


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