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Shortlist Agency

Shortlist Agency, headquartered in New York City, was created by

Toni Short delivers imaginative and forward-thinking EVENT experiences that drive maximum value for clients around the globe.


How did you start Shortlist Agency?

Yeah, well, I guess I left Australia at 22, went to London, started working for BBC For 7 years. It started kind of working from like from being the coffee getter to events and exhibitions director. But I basically did huge big booth in Vegas, in Amsterdam once a year, and then other client hospitality type experiences between London where I lived and then Europe and North America. All BBC technology. Then we got bought by Siemens German Company, and everyone lost their jobs. So I had met a guy that lived DC and we did like a year and a half back while I worked 5 years with an event agency in DC Doing like the big things for Presidents and Queen Rania and the National Mall and the Jerry Boston Festival. But, eventually I broke up with that dude, moved to New York. I was just sick of doing the same shit for the same groups. I wanted to do bigger things. I wanted to do a whole bunch of things! I got a couple of job offers from Nike and Apple, but I actually turned them down and started my own agency, and I left my old job Friday and started Monday at the new company. Now I work with lots of brands around the world.

How do you balance delivering at all levels or places with everyone's ideas?

What is in the future for Shortlist Agency?

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