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Surrender To Your Flow

Custom breakthrough experiences.

Toni Short’s signature experience blends meditation, hypnotherapy

and visualization, and is laced with psychic intuition, channeling, artistic play and transformational truth,. Sparking your body into a state of bliss and igniting your soul into its highest potential.

What does Surrender To Your Flow do exactly?

I believe it is our birthright to experience joy, and access endless creativity and earning capacity,. No matter what age or walk of life. However, through our lifetime we encounter circumstances that take us out of alignment.

Surrender To Your Flow in practice is unique to each client yet fundamentally it is a quantum breakthrough experience., Using the function and form of creativity and expression, customized to reopen the heart of a clients hearts and shift energy blocks to restore an intimate and healthy connection with their mind, body, and soul and in some cases, release trauma.

See it as an invitation from my soul to yours to reconnect its internal wires -… like moving the cablesplugs into the preferred holes on an old school switchboard.

How do you do “it”, the healing?

What are some examples of these quantum breakthrough moments or healing experiences?

You mentioned working with all ages or walks of life.

What is on the horizon?


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