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Surrender To Your Flow

Custom breakthrough experiences.

A transformational experience with Toni Short. Helping people break through blocks and restore a healthy connection with their mind, body, and soul. Open yourself to creative, emotional, and financial flow and unlock your full potential. Journey together toward a more fulfilling life.

What does Surrender To Your Flow do exactly?

It's sort of different for everyone. I don't want to say it's like instant trauma healing. but that's what it is to some degree. Sort of like a breakthrough experience that is customized for what you need or where someone is at in life. It could be, you know, chatting on the phone. It could be traveling together, or being in an environment. because when I'm engaging with that person, I'm gonna know psychically what they're holding that's causing the trigger in some shape or form and then by default I just know what they need in order to break through that.

What are some examples of these experiences?

What is on the horizon?

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