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Spirit Sister Stories

Updated: Apr 3

Spirit Sister Stories is an inspiring platform founded by Toni short that provides a safe space for womxn to share their stories of overcoming the challenges they've faced in life. Toni believes that it's important not just to talk about the tough times, but also to highlight how these experiences have shaped these women into the strong, resilient individuals they are today. The platform offers creative ways for womxn to express their narratives and connect with others who have similar experiences. In short, it's an awesome community for womxn to share their truth and inspire others in the process!

How did Spirit Sister Stories get started?

It started from a weekend in Columbia riding movie scripts. There I was there with a new female friend, who was a great writer from Columbia and I was writing about what happened to me. But eventually, after an amazing time of writing together I looked at the moon, and just said enough like writing movies about him, and what he did. Let's write about other women's stories and really share their perspectives. And that was it. That became spirit sister stories and I began telling women's stories.

How did you begin telling women's stories?

What are some of the ways you want to keep telling women's stories?

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