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My Name is


My Purpose is

To offer inspiration, guidance and counsel to humans
and brands as they navigate the journey of Ascension.

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My Story is

Toni’s client roster and creative collaborations are built on the foundation of respect, thoughtfulness,
and mutual admiration for both brands and humans. But that's no surprise to her community of forward-thinking followers.


She ushers people, projects, brands, and organizations over the energetic and logistical precipice.
Toni breaks through barriers that can often block creativity and blur the direct path between setting
goals and executing a clearly ground-breaking strategy.  Toni lives and leads from the heart and in every moment keeps a keen eye on the macro and micro details


Toni's highly-attuned emotional intelligence and intuitive relationship-building skills enable her to organically grow strong collaborative partnerships and launch new ventures.  

When you bring Toni into the fold, you empower every member of your organization or
creative project and offer the opportunity for them to learn and grow by challenging the status quo.


A true provocateur in the evolving conversation of higher consciousness and the daily practice of awareness, Toni's "work-and-play" process of organizational evolution and ascension is built on a simple premise.  True connection to passion and purpose is based on the reconnection of mind, body, and spirit,
to heart -- the most powerful engine for lasting growth and transformation. 



See Toni as your host at the intersection of entrepreneurship,
community, creativity, and spiritual engagement.


Play, Learn and Grow



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