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The Transformation Council :

Updated: Apr 3

Meet Toni Short Toni has a unique talent for understanding an organization's vision and mission and expressing it with clarity and purpose. Through her investigative process, her goal is to advise and empower visionary leaders and organizations to identify opportunities, overcome challenges, and make lasting changes in the corporate world.

What sets Toni apart is her ability to blend her experience, intuition, and investigative style to lead businesses on a transformative journey. With her guidance, organizations can expand their horizons, unlock their potential, and achieve their goals.

How did all of this come about?

I was interested in entering the consulting industry with a focus being on the energetics of leaders and businesses. As I noticed changes occurring among my various personal brands, I spoke with a cartographer. She mentioned that as a Capricorn, I had the potential to make an impact on the world stage. She suggested I create a company that was more structured and less "woo woo" to help me utilize my expertise in energetically auditing people and practices. That is pretty much how the idea for my company was born and I have always seen this as working with the energetics of high-level business operation.

What & who does Transformation Council Focus on?

The Transformation Council focuses on world leaders who are making life-changing and world-changing impacts, My team and I work with organizations of all sizes, including sporting teams and large global operations. One of our unique services is secret shopping, where we visit businesses to test how things work and provide an audit of the leadership. However, The Transformation Council is much more than just a business coach - We have a full team to review an entire company and provide a blueprint to get it off the ground.

Tell us more about some of the other services that Transformation Council Offers

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